Meno consumi, meno costi, più competitività


Always giving something extra to who selects “Made in Scm Group” technologies. Making complex things simple, thanks to innovative and effective solutions that highlight the advantages for users - from the artisan to large-scale industry. A link between the idea, the project, the creativity, and the goods that make everyday life easier and more pleasant. In a simple, effective and affordable way.

Another step forward is the use of the Sav€nergy package - a set of interventions that guarantee a definite and measurable reduction in consumption levels.

Scm Group has always worked to develop technologies that are less energy intensive and “greener”: effective and efficient. With Sav€nergy you can consume less, spend less, increase your competitiveness and, on top of all that, even help the environment.

How? It's easy! By avoiding waste! Using energy only when it's needed, making things work only where they're really necessary. It means the vacuum pumps. It means the suction points. It means the automatic standby that allows the machine to “rest” if there are no pieces to be machined at that moment, but keeps it ready to resume full efficiency in just a few seconds!

The answer to today's challenges, but with an eye to the future.

The three main benefits of Sav€nergy explained by Marco Antonelli, from SCM Group Technical Office

lower consumption

Energy is a significant and constant element of the “Total Cost of Ownership” of a tool machine (that can reach 17-20%), and end users - who now take for granted aspects like quality, safety and productivity - are now paying special attention to the energy consumption aspect. Directive 2005/32/EC of July 2005 (updated in 2009 and known as the “EuP Directive”) will make eco-compatible design compulsory for many products “that consume energy (EuP)”, defining their design requisites. With SavEnergy, SCM Group is already ahead of the times!

reduced costs

Improving the environmental performance of SCM Group's tool machines, but that's not all: we want to help the end user get a quick return on his investment. How? By making definite inroads on “energy consumption” during use, thanks to 16 specific measures. The most important of these is to minimise the
energy needed for chip removal and axis movement and, above all, the energy consumed by auxiliary services such as compressed air and suction.

greater competitiveness

One of the primary goals is the standby condition, with the easy (automatic or manual) transit to this status from a processing phase, and the quick return to production. But the component aspect is also fundamental if we want to obtain notable energy performance improvements: bearings, motors, inverters, pumps and chillers are of the utmost importance. Without forgetting the precise sizing of the components, the significance of efficient programming, and the optimisation of the various work cycles.

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